On June 14th the Iran Group Ireland in conjunction with Frontline Defenders Irel…

23 Jun

On June 14th the Iran Group Ireland in conjunction with Frontline Defenders Ireland, United 4 Iran and with the public support of high profile public figures Senator Ivana Bacik and Socialist Party MEP Paul Murphy held a vigil outside the Iranian embassy in Dublin to send a message that the brutal state crackdown observed post 2009 elections and future human rights violations and oppression did not and will not go unnoticed and unchallenged. The participants had to sit inside our mock Evin Prison Ward 209 cell- in solidarity with prisoners of conscience and all those who have exercised their rights of expression and peaceful protests. In what was a peaceful demonstration all who attended voiced their discontent and opposition to on going human rights violations, state targeting of activists, students, lawyers, journalists and opposition members. In addition activists sought to condemn discrimination and intolerance based on religion, ethnicity, or violence against LGBTI people.

The group also supported and stands in solidarity with the “Zahra for President” campaign a woman to run as a virtual candidate for Iran’s presidency- to condemn the continual marginalization and subjugation of women in Iran and their distinct removal from the electorate process. More than thirty officially registered female candidates were promptly disqualified by the Guardian Council on constitutional grounds.

The group will continue to work for the protection of basic human freedoms in Iran and the unconditional release of all prisoners of conscience.

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