Rayhaneh Jabbari is sentenced to hang for killing her rapist in self defense in…

23 Mar

Rayhaneh Jabbari is sentenced to hang for killing her rapist in self defense in Iran
Reyhaneh Jabbari is from Iran. She is now 26 years old and has been in Tehran's dreaded Evin prison since 2007.

In July 2007 she was alone inside a coffee shop and was speaking on her phone about architecture and design. Morteza, a physician and a former employee of the feared Iranian Intelligence Services, overheard the conversation, approached her and asked for her expertise in order to renovate his office.
The afternoon of 7th of July 2007, Morteza made an appointment with Reyhaneh for business purposes.
Reportedly, Morteza stopped his car at a pharmacy on the way to the appointment. It was later discovered he bought condoms. Then they went into the apartment and Morteza closed the door. Morteza approached her and demanded to have sex with her; he had already made some drinks for her. Forensic analysis found that the drink he intended to serve to Rayhaneh contained sleeping aids and sedatives. Reyhaneh did not allow him to rape her, therefore he asked her several times to have sex with him but Reyhaneh resisted. During this time she felt threatened and scared.
Fearing imminent rape, she took a knife out of her bag and stabbed Morteza at the back of his right shoulder. Morteza died due to heavy bleeding.
An interrogator went to the apartment and made a report. At that time Reyhaneh clearly stated to the investigator that she was innocent, that she had met Morteza for business meeting, and that said she killed him only in self defense.
"The evening I was there, I knew that he wanted to rape me, so because of self defense I stabbed him and escaped," she said.
During a meeting concerning the case at the Criminal Court Branch 74, the family of the victim — one girl and two boys — stood up and demanded a "death sentence."
Reyhaneh explained that she had to defend herself: "
" A while ago, before the crime, I saw the doctor and his friend, at that time my phone was ringing, so I picked up the phone and was speaking to one of my friends about the decoration, and design, and the doctor's friend realized that I was an interior designer."
She added: "Mortza's friends approached me and got my contact number to ask help to design a private health centre. After a couple of days, the doctor's friend's calls started and thereafter Morteza himself called and invited me to visit the flat, which was supposed to be converted to private health centre. The time was 6:15 that evening , and I found Morteza looking suspicious. I was so worried and scared so, I decided to take out the knife and I stabbed his right shoulder. Believe me, I just wanted to be safe, that is why I did it, because I had no other choice. The same day, Reyhaneh was sentenced, and the decision was confirmed by the Supreme Court.
Now, any moment it is possible for her to be hanged. Her crime is self defense and she does not deserve to die.
Please do not allow her to be hanged; she is now waiting for our help and support.
NOTE: In Iran men and women, including some minors, face execution everyday for some 131 offenses punishable by death under the fundamentalist Islamic Republic. Some of these crimes include adultery, theft, homosexuality, drug possession and political dissidence. Iran hangs more people per capita than any other country in the world, Since President Rohani's election; there has been a sharp increase in executions. Trials in Iran fall short of International standards and the majority of those hanged did not even have access to a lawyer, jury, or even evidence.

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هیس! مأمور وزارت اطلاعات جمهوری اسلامی ایران در حال تجاوز جنسی‌ است ….

استمداد ریحانه جباری برای رهایی از اعدام

جریان این است او توسط مردی اطلاعاتی و هوس باز
اغفال می شود . مرد او را برای کامجویی
جنسی به دفتر کارش می برد .
و ریحانه در دام می افتد ولی تسلیم نمی شود
شجاعانه برای دفاع از خودش با مرد می جنگد و مرد کشته می شود.
سرانجام بعد از چهار سال زندان
دو روز قبل مجدد ریحانه به دادگاه احضار می شود
او در دادگاه بسیار مضطرب ولی با آرامش حاضر میشود .
دادگاه ریحانه را برای دفاع از خود فراخواند
او از پشت بلندگوی دادگاه گفت:
" در قفل بود. یک کاندوم درآورد
و نشونم داد گفت میدونی این چیه؟
کمرم رو گرفته بود و میگفت راه خلاصی نداری.
دولیوان شربت آورده بود که خودش از یکیش خورده بود.
اصرار کرد که هوا گرمه منم بخورم .
ولی از ترس راه گلوم بسته بود…."
از شواهد در یکی از لیوان های شربت
که دست نخورده بود مقداری
داروی بیهوشی وجود داشته
که باعث خواب آلودگی و لمس شدن بدن و گیجی میشود.
مادر و پدر ریحانه بیرون دادگاه ایستاده بودند
و صدا را از بلند گوها می شنیدند
آنها مات و ناباورانه از اعترافات دخترشان
در همه لحظات اشک میریختند.

حال ریحانه با تصمیم قطعی رییس قوه قضاییه در آستانه اعدام قرار دارد.

شرح ماجرا را در لینک زیر به نقل از سایت سازمان مدارای جهانی بخوانید

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